Roller Blind Guide

Fabric Type


Sunscreen roller blinds allow you to admire the view from your window whilst providing daytime privacy.  It also helps to protect your carpet/furniture whilst allowing natural light into the room.

Our Sunscreen range comes in 2%, 5% and 10%. A 5% will block out 95% of light, this is the most common choice. However 2% is recommended for areas that require more UV protection or to reduce glare on surfaces such as TV’s or computer screens


Block-out roller blinds are the cost effective way of adding style, warmth and privacy to any window in your home or office. These blinds are easy to clean and available in a large range of colours, whilst providing the most privacy of any type of blind we provide. These blinds are ideally suited to bedrooms.

Light Filter

Light filter roller blinds offer a textured, sophisticated fabric with some quite unique properties. They allow daytime light to filter through whilst offering privacy both during the day & night. These blinds are ideally suited to living areas, kitchens and close quarter living such as apartments.

Bracket and Control Colour

A discreet mounting bracket is used on both the left and right side of the blind. Choosing a bracket colour that matches the window frame is the most popular option.

The control mechanism also comes in a range of colours. The most popular option is to match the bracket and control colours, however you have the option to customise this to meet your needs.

Front Roll vs Back Roll

A roller blind can roll off the top tube in 2 ways, front or back roll. The most common of which is the front roll blind as it creates a look similar to that of a pelmet. Back roll is more commonly used for outside fit blinds to reduce the light gap between the window frame and the fabric.

Front RollBack Roll


Window Fit

A roller blind can be situated either inside the reveal of the window or fixed outside to roll down the face. The most common window fit is inside, hiding the blind as much as possible.

Inside FitOutside Fit


Control Type

Standard Chain

Our standard chain system has a low profile design providing both reliability and style to your new blinds. There are the options for stainless chain or plastic chain.

Chain Colour

If you choose the plastic chain operated mechanism you then also have the option to choose the colour of that chain. While most people match the colour of the chain to the colour of the controller, there are many options available.

Bottom Rail

The bottom rail comes in two different design profiles. There is the flat bottom rail and oval bottom rail, with the flat bottom rail the most popular of the two.

You may also choose the bottom rail colour as with the brackets, chain, and controller. Here there are range of options, from matching to the fabric colour, the window frame colour, the bracket colour, etc. The options are endless.

Bracket, Chain & Bottom Rail Colour


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